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Alberta, Canada


* Private Investigation *


* Surveillance / Security *


* Penetration Testing *


* Password Cracking *

* Malware / Ransomware Recovery *

* Ethical Hacking / Offensive Security * 

* Malicious Reverse Engineering *


Whether you need to audit the security for your network/systems, or you need to simply crack a forgotten password, we use purpose built equipment and super computers specific to our tasks. We offer full confidentiality agreements and design our services to produce results.

We offer private investigative services for private and commercial use. For the purposes of legal, or interest, we can provide a structured summary of desired information.

We excel in disaster response/relief. We can quickly contain any leaks/breaches, discover the cause and effect, and perform counter-measures to rebuild and protect your systems. We gather information and design a plan to handle the malicious attack.

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